The Pandemic’s Stranglehold on Another Demographic…


Viruses are not discerning. They don’t care about your gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. 

But its far-reaching effects across the platforms of society – the workplace, domestic duties, emotional heavy lifting, the stress and guilt of parenting, the managing of school, and in some cases, finances – have turned out to be very discerning indeed.

A year into this pandemic, and we know that it hasn’t touched everyone the same way. We may have all been in the same storm, but we weren’t all in the same boat. 

We can quantify the global economic impact. We can categorize educational hurdles. We can rate groups by higher and lower immunity, and we can certainly expound on the mental health toll taken by a patchwork lockdown and severe isolation.

But how can we measure what these unfavorable conditions have done to the spirit?

And in particular, the feminine spirit. 

Without protection, this spirit and those who can radiate it are in danger, not only of falling short of their potential but of draining their precious energy.

Let’s take a look at how the pandemic has endangered our collective feminine power…

Women Have Made Outsize Pandemic Sacrifices 

Even a cursory glance at headlines for the last year should give you insight into what feminine spirits have gone through:

  • Women abandoning the workforce as demands at home rise…
  • Women being tossed over for promotions and penalized for having children…
  • Women bearing the brunt of the housework burden despite most high earning couples both working from home…
  • Women becoming a one-stop shop for emotional support for everyone in their household…
  • Women losing access to their private support networks of friends during quarantine and blocked from using their sisterhoods to emotionally recharge…
  • Women coming up short in their romantic partnerships under the strain of too much expectation…
  • Women losing their healthcare at much higher rates than their counterparts… 
  • Women falling through holes in social safety nets even after stimulus packages…

Honestly, that list goes on and on.

And in the context of quantifiable lacks, we can clearly see how materially knee-capped women have been by the pandemic.

But spiritually? 

We’ll have to use a different metric.

What is Feminine Power – How Do We Know It’s Gone?

Feminine power is about more than being a woman… it’s about more than traditional gender roles… more than motherhood and menopause…

It’s the strength embedded into the membrane of yin, the empowerment of those qualities, and being able to draw from an infinite wellspring of nourishment. (Internal strengths, to be sure, but able to be obstructed by external circumstances.)

It’s signature of a woman, or femme, living her authentic truth, compelled by her message, and confident in her magnetism to attract the energy she’s seeking. 

It’s what we can access when we break through our own glass ceilings, the limitations we impose on ourselves after we internalize harmful external messaging. 

When women live in a state of abundance, supported by those around them, affirmation where insecurity used to be…

They turn the key that unlocks the empowered versions of themselves. (Who they were before the world told them who they needed to be.)

It’s terribly unlikely that the women who have made pretty sacrifices of their beings to become human doings are tapped into their feminine power… 

There Has to Be an Antidote

The answer cannot be: Dig deep and get better at surviving without having your needs met.

At the heart of feminine power is a truth women have long understood.

The best, most powerful, most impactful work takes a team. Feminine power – the unshakeable drive that lives inside of you as your birthright – needs to be fed in order to grow. 

Compassion, empathy, and honest expression make the difference between an empowered woman living in the truth of her story and a disempowered woman reacting to life as it happens to her.

My good friend, Dr. Claire Zammit, has workshopped a protocol to clear the obstructions of the modern world and restore feminine power to any who want it.

It’s multi-tiered and layered because that’s what feminine power is in its purest incarnation.

In light of the enormous hurdles introduced by the pandemic, compounded by a world that already crushes feminine power by its very structure, she’s re-opening registration for her Feminine Power Seminar

Every woman should have the opportunity to:

  • Unleash her unique gifts and leverage them…
  • Invigorate her professional life…
  • Remove the invisible barrier preventing her from reaching her full potential…
  • Organize the areas of her life so she can gauge which deserves her attention at any given moment…
  • Set specific and impactful intentions…
  • Make any decision, no matter how big or small…
  • Live in abundance and resilience, not scarcity and fragility…
  • And so much more.

This burn-out that women all over are feeling… It’s not a personal failing. 

It’s not because you didn’t do enough to make yourself feel better. 

It’s systemic, and it’s a problem so big that it deserves an equally big solution. 

Claire’s seminar is all about finding the Feminine Power that the world taught you how to lose… and I had to share it with you. 

I want every woman to have access to this education. All you have to do is click here to learn more about how it all works. 

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