The Benefits of Wellness Retreats You Never Hear About

Small group of 50 to 60 year olds taking part in a yoga class outdoors on a sunny day. Full view on grassy area and sunny skies.

If you were given a lump sum of cash and told to do whatever you want with it, it’s likely you’d buy something for yourself. 

New clothes? A vacation? A fancy new gadget?


But a wellness retreat? Well, that might not have crossed your mind.

The wellness tourism industry is worth more than $639 billion worldwide, but who are the people funding it? Who chooses a revolutionary personal experience over another object to keep the machine of their lives going?

The answer…

Is all kinds of people. Our collective desire to escape and decompress is as old as the public baths in ancient Greece, and has continued on through the Enlightenment era in Europe when people relied on mineral water and trips to warmer climes to solve psychological and physical ills.

Since then, they’ve gotten much more nuanced and complex. 

But people who are drawn to them all have one thing in common — they feel a rumbling, throbbing dissatisfaction, an incongruence, a dissonance with their lives the way they are going. 

Too much technology… too much sitting… too much greed… too much time spent within four walls. 

In short, there’s an energy blockage in their lives, making it impossible for them to see the light. 

So they seek.

And here are just a few things that they find…

Time to Break Mindless Habits

Most people think they want to spend more time away from screens, in nature, reflecting, or some combination of the three.

Wellness retreats (usually) involve ripping you out of a toxic habitat and into a brand-new one, where you can’t soothe yourself with your normal 9-5 cocktail of booze, TV, and couch lounging.

Disconnecting from your daily distractors in a totally sterile environment is shocking for most people.

The truth is that we don’t actually need much. Most modern habits are crutches we’ve been conditioned to believe make our lives easier to get through.

If your life is something to get through, then it sounds like you’ve got some mindless habits to break. 

But the most important thing it does…

Is remind you that you’ve lived without these shackles before. You can do it again.

Time to Explore and Learn

When asked why they haven’t made learning a new skill a priority, the majority of full-time employees in America will say that they don’t have time.

That they’re tired. That they don’t have the space to focus.

On a wellness retreat? Turns out, there are a lot more hours in a 24-hour day than you realized.

Your days are organized by someone else, and are blissfully devoid of happy hours, binging marathons, and scrolling your phone.

Now, there are wellness retreats of every shape and size out there. 

Some of them are advanced fitness or yoga retreats. Some of them are beginner retreats that teach you a new skill, like reiki or meditation or tai chi. 

Most of the time, you’ll find that wellness retreats focus on health-enhancing exercises, and not high intensity sports that bruise and strain your muscles. 

And when given the space to breathe and focus, it turns out there’s a lot you can do that you never thought you could!

Time to Connect with Other People and Yourself 

One of the best parts about choosing to go on a wellness retreat is that everyone you meet also chose to be there.

It’s not like meeting people through your work, who all have a shared desire to earn a paycheck. Or meeting people at the bar, who all have a shared desire to escape their consciousness. Or meeting people at the gym, who all have a shared desire to tone their bodies.

These people made a big decision, with a big opportunity cost. Everyone at a wellness retreat took the same leap of faith, that even if this “doesn’t work,” taking the chance on resetting the way they thought and felt about their lives was more important than spending another summer at the same beach house.

Those are the people you get to connect with…

But more importantly, you’re allowed time (and for some people, the first time they’ve ever had) to connect with yourself. With constructive guidance, and allotted time alone, you can hear your own thoughts in a vacuum like you almost never deliberately experience at home.

You’re allowed time to connect with your true vitality

The energy that flows through every human being on the planet. 

That’s what the Level One Tao Tan Pai Retreat does — it offers you three days at a remote mountain resort in Utah, where you can not only find all three of those life-changing, watershed moments…

You learn the 31 exercises that will help balance your energy, boost vitality, lubricate the joints, and calm the mind. 

There are seven levels to the system and level one must be mastered before moving forward.

Read through this — it may just be the three days your body and soul have always needed and hasn’t discovered yet.

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