My Morning Routine with Guest Benjamin Spall

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My Morning Routine

Waking up is hard. Everyone hates that moment when you know you can’t stay in bed for a minute longer or else you’ll be running late the entire day. Did you know, however, that the way you wake up can make all the difference for the rest of your day? Starting your day off right goes much deeper than setting your alarm for the correct time or remembering to brush your teeth and make your bed. The first few moments after you wake up are pivotal, says today’s guest Benjamin Spall. Here’s some food for thought before you listen to the episode.

When you wake up, do you take a moment to appreciate perhaps your spouse? Or are you reaching for the phone to see who’s emailed you in the last 8 hours? What affect could this have on our day to day lives? How do we break routines and add in new ones? What positive routines can we fold into our mornings?

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