Vitality and Wellness Lie at the Center of a Balanced Lifestyle


In the world of Health and Wellness, we have four spokes that hold together the wheel of Vitality.  The are the critical elements that constitute one’s lifestyle.  Each of them have to be balanced in their own right and all of them need to feed into each-other in order to attain the ultimate goal of good health.

The first of these spokes is Diet.  We literally are what we eat.  The food we intake literally becomes the makeup of our body and the energy we run off of.  A balanced diet of organic and locally grown ingredients brings vibrant energy and clean fuel to the cells.  In Chinese medicine we derive out Gu Qi (Food Qi) from our diet and this, mixed with the air we breathe constitutes the foundation of our energy body.  Qi Gong is excellent for the circulation of breath.  The digestive organs assimilate the food we eat and produce usable energy for the body and brain- energy we need to run our daily lives.  An abundance of energy can be derived from keeping this system efficient and eating quality foods in small quantities.

Exercise is the next spoke on the wheel of Vitality.  The legs act as the second heart.  If we don’t move around everyday, the blood flow gets stagnant and we accumulate toxins, lose efficiency, lose oxygen to the brain, and generally age faster.  A balanced routine of weight training with cardio within our metabolic range ( is the winning ticket.  Fresh air, elevated heart rate, building muscle, and increasing flexibility are essential components here.  Exercise is not an option but an absolute MUST in order to attain true health.

Sleep is often overlooked in our culture.  It is the time when the body goes down to recover and rebuild after a long day.  There is so much magic that happens during sleep that it is considered one of the greatest forms of medicine out there- the proverbial Vitamin Z.  Unfortunately, sleep has really been compromised in our fast paced culture.  We take stimulants to cheat it because we have so much to do.  We’ve taken on too much in our lives and robbed ourselves of the greatest form of medicine out there.  No wonder there’s a healthcare crisis!  If you can’t fall asleep, develop a meditation practice and learn to calm your mind.  With a little practice, you’ll find that you can get quality sleep again.  Here’s a link to a free meditation track you can download:

The final spoke on the wheel of Vitality is Mindset.  This comes from understanding our our consciousness works and working to align ourselves with an attitude that nourishes and revitalizes us.  Here, we need to lock into a sense of deeper purpose and meaning in life so that we don’t fixate on the garbage that society is drunk on.  When we get our priorities straight, we can adjust our lives to handle career, family, social life, and stresses in a healthy way.  We CANNOT do this without addressing the other three spokes on the wheel though.  Take care of the body and see the positive effects on the mind.  Calm the mind and see the body recover faster.  Mindset can be likened to the operating system of a computer.  We need to make sure we close unused windows and optimize or programming.  Most people are so cluttered in their minds with nonsensical thoughts that they can never perceive the living breathing moment- the ultimate power of the Universe which resides Here and Now.

Develop a meditation practice and do Qi Gong daily.  Eat well and exercise regularly.  Get plenty of guilt-free sleep and feel human again.  Turn the wheel of Vitality and come back to your power!

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