The Microbiome – Life’s Web of Connectivity


Life is an Interconnected Web – the Microbiome is the glue.
Introducing: The Microbiome – Life’s Web of Connectivity

As a former monk, the idea of connectivity has always fascinated me. The trillions of rhizomal connections in the soil allow the trees to communicate with each other and send signals and nutrients to each-other. This original connection comes through FUNGUS which is the original kingdom of life on the planet. These fungal networks eventually broke down the rocky surface of the earth and created enough soil substrate for the plant kingdom to arrive.

All along, tiny protozoa, viruses, bacteria, nematodes, and many other microscopic organisms evolved into an extremely complex network of life on this planet.

Then the insects and the animals.

We’re pretty late to the game and this party has been going on for a very long time.

The microorganisms live and communicate with each-other through a gooey blob many bacteria secrete which we call “biofilm”. This is like a tiny liquid universe where they wage wars, make friends, send signals, eat and poop- all the time with trillions of interactions a day.

Again- this party has been going on for a long long time. Biofilm was here before we were and will outlast us as well.

The biofilm lives inside of us and interacts with our gut lining at all times. We read signals and match to adapt to what’s happening there. When food drops in, the bacteria and other bugs in our biofilm start to eat and digest it before we even get there. The result is a complex set of liposaccharides (LPS) that they “poop” out…many of these trigger immune, hormonal, or nutritional pathways for us. As a general rule of thumb, the “bad poop” tends to come from sugary foods which feed certain bacteria that begin to take over and the “good poop” from multicolored fruits and vegetables which then feed a healthier balance of organisms.

This “good poop” can yield some of the butyrates which we’re now understanding to be key in gut and overall health. They signal antiinflammatory pathways, tighten the junctions in the gut, and do a whole host of other good things while the bad players do the opposite…they set the gut lining on fire, lead to leaky gut, and produce toxic byproducts that the body has to react to.

The good ones help produce our B vitamins and certain hormones along with serotonin which helps make us happy. We need to be on the right side of this.

I can go on and on but I don’t need to. Why? Because I’ve produced a 10 part documentary series on this subject where my team and I interviewed the very best minds in the space and got the latest information on this amazing subject just for you. It’s the most comprehensive body of work ever done on the microbiome and its effects on our overall health.

It is indeed, the missing link in the healthcare puzzle and many scientists are considering the microbiome to be the “missing organ” that accounts for many functions in the body we hadn’t considered.

Imagine that- trillions of bacteria and other bugs creating blobs of goo inside your body. The balance of those colonies and how they interact will lead to very tangible and real metabolic pathways that either make you happy and healthy, or inflamed and on the path to Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Yes. It’s real and you need to know about it.

Why? Because every bite of food that you swallow will push that balance one way or another.

Because your stress levels have a powerful effect on which bacteria thrive.

Because the toxins you expose yourself to will drive this balance and push the bad actors into the driver’s seat.

Because the soaps, lotions and sanitizers you use will kill the good players as well and shift the balance on your skins, hair, and nails.

Because it all matters.

Be on the lookout for an email from me shortly with a VIP invite to an exclusive screening of the Interconnected docuseries. I’ll be offering a free ten day screening of the entire body of work and you do not want to miss this!

We now understand how to reverse chronic disease. It all starts with you…the foods you eat, the products you take, and the way you live. I know that can sound overwhelming but that’s because you’ve gotten lots of random health advice in the past and have come up short. That’s frustrating.

My excitement lies in this revolution in medicine. We’ve turned a corner and now have a much better understanding of how things work. With this knowledge, the game has changed and we can confidently sit in the driver’s seat and guide our health back in the right direction.

More soon!

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