Independence Day- An Escape from Tyranny- An Escape from Slavery


July 4th- 1776. We were under the tyrannical oppression of the English Crown. Over-taxed and burdened by the Central Bank of England, we were fed up and wanted our freedom.  We fought for that freedom and are now risking losing it again…to the FED, to Goldman Sachs, and to the international treaties that bind us to laws we didn’t vote for. That, however, isn’t the main issue at hand in my opinion.

The real issue is freedom for our consciousness. Humanity has fallen asleep to a dreary trance and is being leveraged to act, vote, think, and fight for reasons we are not even aware of. We sit in front of the tube and buy what we are told to buy because hopefully “this new thing” will make me happy. Nope- sorry bud, keep feeding the meter.

Today is the day where we can declare our independence and break free from tyranny. Here’s a list of a few areas where you may consider some action:

1- Your health – the “sickcare” system in the US is spiraling out of control and bankrupting the nation. Doctors have no incentive to keep people well as the drug companies keep promising miracle cures to issues that are lifestyle related. Personal responsibility is the key here. Take control of your diet, start to exercise, learn to meditate,  control your stress response, and get good sleep. Basic lifestyle is the “miracle” cure oftentimes. Stop eating GMO garbage food and you’ll need less drugs. The whole system is a trap- designed to extract your money and keep you dependent on your job for the health insurance.

2- Your mind– Turn off the TV and learn to think for yourself. Read good books and get your news from international sources. Calm your mind and learn to become less reactive. It is important to see clearly and learn to think for yourself. In 1776, those brave souls signed that document wanting a democracy that was founded on an “enlightened citizenry”. Nowadays, what color tie a candidate wears is almost more important than what they say…because they don’t SAY anything. Stupid scripts and rhetorical debates is all we get.  Wake up.

3- Your finances– stop spending money on companies that are not part of the solution. We vote with our dollars so it is critical to support the good guys out there trying to save the planet and standing up against wage slavery all over the world. Stop getting into debt for consumer products and realize that this is the new look of slavery in our modern world. There is no independence from within this trap.

4- Your Time– going home and turning on the TV because you need some “downtime” or watching some show because it is “brainless” is a perfect way to lose your power. Yeah…just turn off your mind so we can drop subtle suggestions in there and tell you how to think.  Take your time back now. Take a walk, read a book, sit on the terrace, call an old friend, develop a spiritual practice…something positive. What we do with our personal time is a good reflection of how free we are.

5-Your food– find your local farmer’s market and only buy organically grown local food. So much of the food we eat is dependent on PETROLEUM…from fertilizers, pesticides, packaging, to transportation. The food we get in our traditional grocery stores is supporting the people that are killing our planet and oftentimes funding terrorists offshore. Taking our power back starts with the food that we eat.

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

Enlightened citizenry starts with us. Today is the day we should all declare our independence from any form of Tyranny and deceit. Waking up to one’s inner power is a critical task as we have fallen asleep. In 1776, several brave souls took a stand for this and founded our great country. Today, we each have to do this in our personal lives first. Again, our actions will reflect into our community.

Be the change you want to see in the world


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