How To Reset Your Metabolism with guest Dr. Alan Christianson

Metabolism, Weight, and Energy

You may have heard (often) to fire up your metabolism in order to lose weight, but what really does that mean? How are we able to control our metabolism?

Dr. Alan Christianson suggests the answers to most of our weight loss and energy questions lies in our liver! He calls the human liver our internal “fish tank filter” that cleans out all the gunk we don’t need so our bodies can continue working properly. They also store fuel and releases it when we need more energy. 

The problem here is that a majority of people’s livers are being bogged down by our diets and lifestyle, causing our energy reserves to sky rocket and turn into fat. THIS is where our metabolism comes in. 

How can we work better to lose extra inches off our bellies? What role does the liver play in suppressing metabolism? How can we reset our metabolisms? 

Listen to the podcast  to find out! 

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