Gongs: Intention & Discipline Leading to Life Mastery

A Gong in Chinese Taoist tradition is a set amount of days one devotes to a particular task.  It is a promise to one’s self to stay focused and on path towards a designated goal.

The typical gong I like to practice with is the 100 Day GONG.  The reason for this is that it takes at least 90 days for a new habit/behavior to burn itself into our nervous system so I’ve had incredible success with this format over the years.  So what do you do during this gong?The answer is: whatever you want.  This is why I like them.

The most important aspect of all of this is the first step which I called Self Diagnostics.  This is the personal inquiry that probes into where we are in life and what we are doing.  We all have dreams, aspirations, desires, and wishes to fulfill.  At the same time, we all have personal history, past trauma, financial matters, family drama, and other issues on our plates.  So this process becomes one of honest analysis and reconciliation.  What can I reasonably work on in the next 100 days?  What can I COMMIT to changing and what goals can I push for in this gong?

What I typically do is write out everything and look at my 30, 60, and 100 day goals.  Where am I and where do I want to be going?  What obstacles (lessons) do I need to engage in order to make this happen?  What resources will I need?  Who do I need to recruit/talk to in the process.  All of it!  The only way to get clear in life is to clearly examine one’s life and make the necessary changes.  Our behavior leads to our problems.  To work on one’s self is the only game in town.  Goals are important but even more so is the introspection required to analyze why we want certain things in our lives.  Is it some ego play or act of desperation coming from insecurity or is it natural inspiration?  This process alone makes the whole game worthwhile.  We get to understand ourselves.  We become less complicated and clearer with every round.

So how does the gong work?  Simple- go to the Member’s Only section of this site and register for free.  I’ve uploaded a template for the 100 Day Gong for you to download.  Set your 30, 60, and 100 day goals.  Then, commit to a particular practice DAILY.  I’ll usually do 1-3 Qi Gong sets, my meditation, my Tarot study, my workout, and one other thing.  DAILY.  This means that you do what you set out to do every day WITHOUT FAIL for 100 days.  Cross each day off as you go along.  Pin it up on your wall and track it every morning upon rising and at night before going to bed.  Look at your goals in life and make sure you are in track with them.  If you miss a day, YOU START OVER.  This happened to me on day 46 once!  Ouch.  The dedication to not falter for 100 days will grant you a personal treasure that will be your ally for the rest of your life- trust me on this.

I put Qi Gong in there for daily practice because it helps move blocked energies and opens up the flow of my Vitality- I’m better, brighter, happier, and clearer after the 100 days.  Sticking to your goals is very important as well.  You need to prove to yourself that you can succeed at this game.  Handle one goal at a time of you are not very good at this yet.  Get your small wins and move up from there.  Don’t try to take on too much and fall on your face- that is not helpful.  Whatever it is, commit to yourself- commit to bettering yourself and commit to finishing the gong without fail.

Gongs have been a tremendous ally to me in my development and I assure you that if you follow through with this practice, you’ll be a better person for it.

Inquire within and then set sail for Life Mastery!

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