You Can Fix Your Brain – Guest Dr. Tom O’Bryan

You CAN Fix Your Brain

Podcast Summary

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is no stranger to The Urban Monk and he returns to talk about what it takes to restore cognitive function and his new book, “You Can Fix Your Brain”. Dr. Tom O’Bryan has a step-by-step plan to bring our brains back to tip-top shape so that we can live our best lives!

Imagine a waterfall that leads to a pond. One day, you’re calmly floating in the river before the fall and then WHOOPS, you drop down into the pond. The waterfall above is causing the pond water to whip you around and you’re trying your best to stay afloat. In this situation, most of us would ask for a life-jacket to keep our head above the water, but then, we’re still in the pond. Wouldn’t it be better if we could somehow get up to the calm, serene river again?

This is the analogy that Dr. Tom uses to describe our current relationship to healthcare. When you get sick, you do all that you can to just make the symptoms go away, we are programmed to look for lifejackets, or medications, that simply keep us afloat instead of examining the waterfall, the lifestyle, that lead us to the pond in the first place.  As a functional medicine doctor. Dr. Tom looks at his patients’ lifestyles and identifies what parts of their daily habits might be causing their illnesses. Most of the time, these causes are hidden and not at all obvious.

For Example, at a young age, 44, Dr. Tom got a cataract even though he was running marathons and living a healthy life.  After getting his eye surgically fixed, he read that lead poisoning is a common cause of cataracts. Though he had been tested many times in his life, he ran his toxic metals and found out that his lead count was astronomically high. If he hadn’t gone up-river to figure out what was happening, he would still be suffering from symptoms of lead poisoning.

Breathing And The Brain

One other example of how lifestyle can affect health happened to Dr. Tom Recently. He got a call from a hot shot CEO who has had to take time off of work after suffering from poor cognition and brain fog.  He explained all of his symptoms to Dr. Tom and says that the Mayo Clinic wasn’t any help.

So Tom Asks “When did your basement flood?”

The CEO is dumbfounded. It ends up that 3 years back, the CEO’s basement was completely flooded. They tore out the carpet, got new furniture, but the drywall stayed wet and developed black mold. For all these years, the CEO and his family had been breathing in black mold, which caused all of his symptoms over the past few years.

Turns out that of the three types of alzheimers, type C is most common and is caused by inhalation. Dr. Tom knew this, so connected the dots, but makes you wonder… What other diseases are caused by environmental toxins?

Fix Your Brain

We all have experienced brain fog. Whether it be misplaced keys, forgotten facts, or just the general feeling of “being off.” These moments are concerning to say the least. Are they just a hiccup? Or A symptom of something much larger and more debilitating?

Dr. Tom O’Bryan gives us 2 steps, straight from his new book “You Can Fix Your Brain” to check up on your brain’s health:

1 – Look at your genetics for brain deterioration disease.  A majority of these diseases are passed down from generation from generation. Even if your parents are healthy, get tested just to be sure. It is better to know than to be surprised.

2 – Just because your genetic test comes back positive, doesn’t mean that your fate is sealed.  You now know that you must keep a close eye on your body in order to avoid a diagnosis. Dr. Tom recommends a blood test called the Neural Zoomer that looks at 18 markers which have been proven to cause inflammation in the brain.

Dr. Tom compares the human body to a car. If you keep an eye on the dashboard and adjust appropriately whenever a light comes on, it’ll keep running smoothly for a longer period of time.

For more of Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s game-changing work with brain health
and ailments,
check out his new book, “You Can Fix Your Brain” 

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