Fermentation and Gut Health


If you’re suffering from some form of chronic disease, you’ve likely heard it all. Conventional doctors are great at talking down to patients…especially when their drug interventions fail. 

You may have had a number of symptoms that could be drugged individually (and many do) but in combination, make the docs scratch their heads. It could be food allergies, histamine reactions, leaky gut, toxicity, or a whole host of other stuff that is hard to diagnose and treat.



Have a look at this video excerpt from our Interconnected Series. Summer had gone through the inferno and ended up having to step up her game and figure it out. This happens with millions of people around the world as conventional medicine isn’t great with lifestyle changes.

If you can relate to Summer’s concerns, you’re not alone. It’s actually super common to feel unheard and perplexed when interfacing with the conventional system. That’s not to say there aren’t good doctors out there- not in the least. The challenge is the conventional system was designed to address acute problems and not chronic disease. The model is breaking because LIFESTYLE is something you need to do at home.

The new science of the microbiome is turning the page on how we look at health. It all starts in the gut with the trillions of bacteria (and other bugs) that work together with us to either deliver optimal health or chronic disease and inflammation. 

Probiotics may be helpful but they are certainly not the answer. 

Fermenting foods are also a part of the answer…as Summer discovered.

So what’s the answer? It’s in how we eat every day and how we include the right fruits and vegetables into our diets. It’s in how we interface with antibiotics and toxic chemicals and how we avoid killing off the good bacteria.

Is this the answer for everybody? No. We’re all different and we’re complicated. That said, scientists have found several commonalities in health guts that correlate with healthy people. We’ve learned a lot and are learning more daily. In fact, many of the “Immunology” departments I visited at the top universities are now being called “Microbiology” departments as we’ve learned that our innate immunity is inextricably linked to the composition of the microbiome in our guts. It’s fascinating stuff.

Interconnected is a ten part series on the microbiome and it’s the most comprehensive body of work done on the subject ever. Check it out here.

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