Engaging in Life & Staying Focused

Focus Better and Get the life your choose

Life’s distractions are killing us. Our attention is being drawn off by the millions of stories, feeds, and advertisements that are bombarding us daily. They draw our focus off away from our own dreams, aspirations, and priorities and keep us from living to our potential.

Things don’t just happen on their own. We need to keep a watchful eye on the “plants” we want to grow in our lives and “water” them with our attention, time, and energy. This is what I call Life Gardening.

If you keep getting distracted, you end up watering the weeds and your life looks and feels chaotic. Does this sound familiar?

We live in what’s being called the “Attention Economy” where your eyeballs are the currency. Where are they focused? On screens all day or are they turned inward to examine your breath, your life force and your dreams.

In my tradition we call this “Retroflexion” – the turning of the light of awareness around. It is taught in a wonderful book called The Secret of the Golden Flower by Lu Tung Pin. It’s a powerful path to inner awakening that hinges on deep observation of inner states. This is the real game but its hard to even fathom this type of awakening for most people who are mired in the messy noise of the outside world. That’s why I advocate for incremental steps…taking it back. Once we clean up our diet, movement, sleep, and mindfulness routines, we can start to feel better. Once we feel better, we have more agency to make better decisions with our time, money, and energy. Once that begins to work, then we can afford the “luxury” of diving deeper to discover our true nature. You can’t do that when the bullets are flying so let’s get you to square one first!

If this is you, I invite you to check out this free webinar I did on the topic- See it here.

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