Creating Peace-Driven Media


When I had the idea for my Interconnected film series, I had to choose a director. 

Tough gig – I needed to find someone who not only had plenty of documentarian experience, but who shared the heart and connection that I felt to the cause…

Someone who also cared deeply about making people feel better through the spread of knowledge with a focus on positivity and proaction. 

And John Biffar was completely that guy.

His history as a filmmaker and truth-teller speaks for itself…

He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t consider himself religious – spiritual, he says. He lived next door to the Vatican for a time, doing a documentary on Pope John Paul II. 

Years ago, when he started his career in filmmaking, one of his very first projects was a documentary about children living in poverty in Guatemala that catalyzed the building of a school for those children…

A school that’s still standing today, more than 25 years later. (Seriously, check it out here.)

So John and I worked really closely on Interconnected… and we’ve been watching each other’s work since then. 

In fact, I had him on my podcast recently for one really important reason: Covid-19 has given John an opportunity.

It’s the same opportunity it’s given most of us, since we can’t distract ourselves out and about in the world. Covid has sort of forced a lot of us to do things we didn’t think we were “ready” to do. You can either stay home and feel sorry for yourself, or you can get to work.

Getting to work means hatching your dreams. 

John’s dream for years has been to build Peace Vision.

What is peace vision? He explains it best, but at its core, it’s peace-driven media.

This period is probably the worst in so many people’s lives. 

John says there’s a void in programming for people that want higher level, higher consciousness content that will make us better people with better communication and better lives.

And I tend to agree with him. 

So many things out there rob us of peace… 

In the environment, the economy, our personal relationships, etc. John wants to bring powerful, positive, peace-driven stories about the things that get in the way of our happiness all under one tent – with experts in those fields who can elaborate on what they know, and give people what they really need: fact-based hope. 

In every environment, even suffering, there’s opportunity. 

There are so many fronts and issues that need to be handled and so many people who care about it but don’t know where to start…

And it’s constrictive. And when people constrict, energy doesn’t flow and nothing else works.

That’s what John is trying to do, and it’s the same thing that gets me going in the morning…

Helping people clear out the nonsense that prevents their peace. Keeping their spirits high and their energies flowing.

Listen to the full podcast to hear about it from the man himself – my friend, John Biffar.

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