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Nobody believes in the joy of cooking more than Robyn Youkilis. For some, cooking might seem like an overwhelming task, but Robyn reminds us that it doesn’t have to be that way! Some like to try to downplay simple cooking, but she notes that even if it’s something as simple as noodles and sauce, if you took more than two steps to put it together, by George you’re cooking! Even if you mess up, learn from the process and enjoy the time you spend with your family making delicious food!

You can also see Robyn working her magic in the kitchen in her Quick Cook segments for – Find the videos at the bottom of this blog!

Enjoy the show!

Interview Notes From The Show:

– Welcome back to The Urban Monk. I’m here with my dear friend and someone who’s returning to the show, Robyn Youkilis. She had a baby about a year ago, and so she used to hang around my house, coming through, doing cooking segments when I had babies that were crawling all over, and so now, the tables have turned, and she’s home dealing with the young-mommyness of it all, and she has better than survived, she’s radiant, she’s beautiful, she’s rocking it, and she’s feeding herself and her family and her baby well, so welcome back to the show, hi.

– Hi! Thank you for having me! Yeah, it’s crazy, when I first did those episodes for Quick Cook, I was pregnant.

– You were hiding it, kind of.

– I mean, not really at that point, and now there’s an almost one-year-old, little redheaded, blue-eyed doll, in the picture, who’s just changed everything in the best way possible, so.

– Absolutely. How, how’s it been? Rough year? Awesome year, all of the above?

– Mostly awesome, it really has, like, you know, I had a kid later, “later” years in life, you know, I’m not 23, like, I’ve seen all my friends go through this, so I’ve learned some things along the way, you know, have good health, have your family around you, get as much support as you can, take care of yourself first thing in the morning, shower every day. You know? So I really focused on doing those small things, and they made a world of difference for me, where I’ve felt like, and still feel like the whole time, you know, most days I’ve got this. Some days it feels crazy, but most days I’m like, this is great.

– Yep. That’s great, that’s a wonderful, see that’s really kind of the tradeoff between hurrying up and waiting, is, when you do it in your 20s, you got more energy to run after ’em, but when you do it in your 30s or 40s, you got more wisdom, and you got, like, advice that you’ll actually take counsel on, and so you’re just smarter about things, hopefully.

– Yes, exactly. Exactly. Although I think we’ve hacked energy by now, don’t you?

– For the most part. You know for me, I kinda got my ass kicked with sleep. And so, like, I never had sleep problems, then all of a sudden I wasn’t sleeping at all, and, you know, I had a couple rough months of just not being able to, like, function well and it was just like, woah, okay, look at that, kryptonite, right, and had to make adjustments very quickly, but yeah, for the most part, I mean, if you’re not eating Doritos and drinking Dr Peppers or Diet Coke, for some reason people still think Diet Coke is better for them. And, you know, you’re eating better food, chances are you’re gonna do pretty well in all this.

– Yeah. Yeah. The no sleep thing is definitely interesting though, it’s, there’s a reason that they use that as a form of torture, you know, it’s wild. And then, what happened for me, which I’d never heard anybody talk about, is when she did start sleeping better, my schedule was all messed up. So my body wasn’t able to rest when it was night and be awake during the day, so I had to do some of those grounding rituals and be outside more and see sunshine, and the sun setting, to really help reset me, so things I had never thought about before, either.

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– It’s weird, right? Like, we habituate faster than we think. And, so, you know, it’s, I was having mid, like, two in the morning to four in the morning, I would just randomly wake up even if the kids were down, my poor wife, I mean, I was, you know, kind of traveling and working and not there all the time, it just, it took a while to get through that. And it screws up with your ghrelin levels, it screws your leptin levels, it really messes with satiety and weight gain and weight loss, I mean, I had about 10, 15 pounds I gained, and I was doing everything I was normally doing, just not sleeping. And so, I mean, you look great, so, did you, is this, like, post-baby weight, did you ever put any on, like, let’s be honest about it.

– Yeah, let’s totally be honest about it. I think I gained about an average amount of weight, when I was pregnant, I didn’t really worry about it. I was like, I’m just not gonna worry about this. What I am going to focus on is making sure that I move my body every day, and staying as healthy as I can. And I really did do that. I didn’t use my pregnancy as an opportunity, well, now I’m gonna eat all the ice cream I want, because, I eat whatever I want most of the time, most of the time I don’t want ice cream, I do want the healthier versions of these things, and sometimes I’ll have a healthier treat. So, I really did focus on that throughout my pregnancy, and then after, guess what, I really kinda did the same thing, I kinda decided that I wasn’t gonna worry about it. Because I’ve learned for myself, when I try and diet, and when I stress about eating a certain way, is when I’m my heaviest. When I focus on the most-of-the-time foods that I’m gonna eat, the good-for-your-gut foods, getting the sauerkraut, eating more simply, breathing while I’m eating, then, my weight just falls into a natural place, and that’s what happened, too, with the baby weight. It just really kind of slowly, slowly, and each stage I saw a different shift in my body. I’d say around four, four months post-baby, I saw a level drop in my weight. And then around six months, I saw the muscle kind of come back. And now that I’m between nine, you know, 10, 11 months, now I’m like oh, oh, I look good! When did that happen? You know, I really didn’t even, you know, I put on a pair of jeans, I was like oh! You look, you look fly tonight! And, and I hadn’t, again, same kind of thing, getting my workouts in, eating the foods that I like to eat that make me feel good, and other than that, I never really, you know, let it get the best of my emotional center. I just trusted. And the trust allowed me to relax.

– That’s the hardest part though, right, because people get so freaked out about baby weight, and they get so freaked out about body image, self image, and, you know, all kinds of things, when you’re nursing, and you know, it’s just, it’s a big sloppy mess. There’s a lot that goes on, that just makes you feel like, not yourself. I mean, I’m a firsthand witness, I obviously didn’t go through it, but I was right there with my wife as she was going through it, and you know, it does, it does kinda wear on you, if you’re not careful about your self-definition, it really messes with you. And you said something in there that I want to tease out, because you’re very much an advocate of good gut health. You’ve been really kind of pushing on healing the gut and cleansing the gut in a way that, you know, most people don’t really even talk about. Like, saying you gotta chew, and all these things that people are like, what, what are you talking about. How much of that worked for you in this? How much of that really, like, kind of created the sanity, and really the health, that a lot of people lose during this kind of, first year onboarding process?

– Yeah. Um, great question. I, for me, focusing on the gut gave me a calm, and the way that I choose to focus on it, right? Like you said, so many people are teaching about gut health, it’s super popular, trendy, and for good reason, you know? It’s all the research is true. You know, it is this center of everything, your immune system, your core, all of your functions are there, but the way that I do teach about it is about chewing, slowing down, and the reason that those practices saved me from the diet roller coaster is the same reason that they’ve helped me now with the baby. Because they’re simple, daily action items that I can focus on. So, just chewing my food completely before I swallow. So even though I may have a boob, a boob in a baby’s mouth over here, and I’ve got the phone here, and my food in front of me, when I take that bite, you know, maybe I’m not at a perfect mindful meal, but I take that bite, I can chew, chew, chew, chew, chew before swallowing, and just simplifying and being able to focus on a few basic things like that just makes me feel saner. It’s not like, oh well this diet, or am I eating grains or not eating grains, or what is my breakfast, or did I even get breakfast today, but it’s like you know what Robyn, just focus on those simple gut-friendly practices, everything else got quieter. The noise calmed down.

– You know, we had this problem with a few parents in our ecosystem, where the kids were just kinda being difficult around meals, so we had this one mom that would bring kiddo over, that was always like, here, watch YouTube, and you know, so I can feed you. And it started creating all this dissonance around the ritual of meals, and we’re trying to hold the line, and I just got to the point where I’m like, honey these people can’t come to our dinner table and disrupt, because now my kid’s like, why don’t I get YouTube? And so the sanctity of that meal, the ability to slow down and just really be at a meal together, and savor, and chew and all those things, I mean, that’s a hard line to really hold, and God bless you for doing it, right? I mean, I’ve had to fight for it, and we’ve got it good now, but you know, the world is always banging, right? There’s always some show, there’s always something trying to come in and break up the sanctity of a slow “chew” there, right?

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-And you know, you can chew fast too, you just want to do the best job that you can. And, you know, one of my best friends a while back, and I think this has since changed, but in the beginning, she said, you know, “my daughter’s never seen me eat.” You know, she’s so concerned with making sure she has her meals, and getting her really healthy organic food on her plate, that she never sees her tending to her food needs first. And so I really took that again, that same, like, wisdom, having kids in your 30s, of saying, okay, I want to do that differently. I want to make sure that my daughter sees that no matter what, like, I am making sure that I’m fed. Obviously this doesn’t happen every single time, but it does happen nine out of 10.

– That’s really interesting. And how you model is how they’re gonna start eating and how they’re going to kind of grow into the adults that they are.

– You gotta fight, you gotta fight for it. It’s hard, it is, they see the other kids, and you know, we’re luck that at least we have those beautiful experiences to pull from, you know, you were raised in a wonderful family food environment, I was too. And so I know what that feels like, so I want that. But even if our generation didn’t have that, that’s a hard thing to create out of nowhere, because they don’t have their own personal experience.

– So a lot of people grew up, and you’re absolutely right, I’m very blessed, you’re very blessed, like, my parents didn’t let junk food in the house, we had meals together, it was a thing, right? It’s kind of an old-world cultural thing. And I’m so thankful for it now. I have many friends that used to, that grew up basically everyone, just like, you know, dished their dinner, and they’d sit by the TV together, and like, it was just this kind of breakdown of family communications. And so if that’s how you grow up, or grew up, what then can you do to really start setting a rhythm of a ritual to kind of sync with what we’re talking about here?

– Yeah. Great question. Because, wow, it’s everything. My biggest tip is coming to you from exactly where I am, I just moved, so I don’t have a lot of lighting in my apartment yet, and most of the lighting’s in my kitchen. So, get in your kitchen, get cooking a meal, and do it, ideally, with your kids if they’re of that age. Even if it’s something that you would think that isn’t healthy. Maybe it’s just pasta and sauce out of a jar. Great. Get in the kitchen with them, prepare that meal together, you know, something like that takes 10 minutes and no brainpower, right? Box pasta, ideally, you know, they have all of these wonderful pasta alternatives now, that are made out of quinoa, or spelt, or, you know, gluten-free options, you know, maybe it’s a nice jar of organic pasta sauce that was on sale, maybe it’s regular, start somewhere. Create that meal so you’re invested in it a little bit. Obviously you can go a little further with some recipes, but something so basic as that, there’s a community element of we put this together, and then sit down, and even if it’s just once a week, that’s why I love, I’m Jewish and we have Shabbat, I love Shabbat dinner because we travel a lot, but when we’re in town and it’s a Friday night, my husband and I both kind of, there’s an unspoken knowing that, oh, well, we’re gonna have dinner at home together and light the candle. So, maybe that’s a Sunday supper, maybe that’s a Monday, it’s just one meal that you cook, and you have together, and the family knows, like, if they’ve got soccer practice, whatever everybody’s got going on, you find, even if that’s breakfast on Sunday, there’s gotta be one slot in your whole hectic family life, that you guys can all come together for just one meal.

– And even if you aren’t accustomed to that, there’s something so powerful with candlelight. I mean, it really sets the cadence, it sets the tone and the energy of the room, so even if it’s not, even if it’s, you know, you’re not Jewish and you’re like, oh, we don’t do that, it’s like, well, candles are pretty non-denominational, just light ’em. Right? And it sets the tone, and the energy of the room in a way that really helps slow things down and, y’know people talk about candlelit dinners, it’s not that hard to do, right? You know, it’s funny, everyone used to have candlelit dinners, and then electricity got cheaper, and now candles are this thing that we don’t do. I highly recommend it. So speaking of burning candles,

– And can I give a quick, can I give a quick tip on the candle thing too? A lot of people, I find with my clients and my community from my book, keep stuff like that special. They keep it in a credenza, or they keep the special tapered candle for occasions. Buy some inexpensive candles or whatever it is that you like, put them in the middle of the table, leave them out there, so it’s easy, accessible, and it’s in front of your face where you almost have no option to not do it. Right? So I have to give my little like, get in there practical tip. But yeah, keep, you know, basic, unscented, soy-based candle right in the middle, have it there, so that you’re reminded, oh yeah, I can just light this and it’s nothing. I don’t have to go get anything.

– Yeah, you know, the challenge we’re having in my household is every time we light a candle, we gotta sing Happy Birthday. Because, my son thinks that, you know, candles always mean Happy Birthday, so it’s just cute enough, we always do it. We sing, it’s great. But, like, literally, we sing Happy Birthday like, nine times a night if we have candles on. So it’s, it’s like, I’m burning candles in my life, right, as are you, you are an author, I think you have another book that you’ve been working on, and so, you know, it’s one of these things where you’re, y’know, you’re at home, you’re trying to be like yummy and delicious mommy, and kinda, like, slowdown time, and be with your baby and your family, and then you’re out there trying to help people learn from what your life experience is. So finding that balance, I know, is hard. How are you doing it, how’s the book coming along?

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– Thank you, I haven’t announced about the second book yet, so this is first little sound bite for your audience, so,

– Wow, did I just, like, blow your cover?

– No! No, I’ve hinted at it, I’ve hinted at it, sort of, but there hasn’t been like a formal, but yes, there is a book two coming. So yeah, so, I’ve had to learn to be a lot more flexible. I much prefer my straightforward, laptop, I’m focused, I’m in the zone, nothing else exists but my work and the like, clients and the craving that I have for that. I used to be terrible at sending emails from my phone, posting from my phone, I was very all or nothing. And for me I’ve learned, it can’t be one or the other. I need my focused time, but I’ve shortened that a bit, and then I need to be a little bit more flexible. You know, sometimes it is gonna be shooting an email off, and knowing that I’m doing that sometimes, but it’s not a big part of the picture. So scheduling out my focus time, and then a little bit of flexible, makes me feel like, okay, I’m here, I’m being a mom, but I’m also getting to do the work that I have to do.

– For your sanity and for the good of humanity. That’s a big deal. It’s a big deal.

– I’ve learned too, like, moving in the past couple of weeks where I didn’t get to have sitting with my team, at the big table, and everyone’s got their beverages and their food, and getting to really dive into my work, I haven’t had that in the way that I’ve had to, and oh my God have I missed it. It’s nice once in a while to be reminded of how, like, I just want to get to the table with my team! You know, to have that feeling again, you know it’s there, but to really taste it, like so fresh, knowing that that’s what you love to do so much, just to have that recent reminder in the hecticness of everything has been sweet. So even in the crazy you get these lovely little moments of like, yeah, this is awesome.

– Well and look, the crazy’s not gonna stop. Time is compressed, we have a lot of things going on, you live in New York area, I live in LA area, I mean, we’re urban people, right? And so, you know, time is something that’s a scarcity, and so you gotta really, kind of, hedge your bet and be able to do the things that you want to do for yourself. So if you want to cook, you gotta know how to like, whip up a meal. And so we actually did, so, to the audience, there’s a couple, I think they’re on now, right? So we just did a couple videos with her, several months ago obviously now, and we’re finally, like releasing them, called Quick Cook, where Robyn came to my kitchen in Southern California, and just whipped up a couple quick recipes, and it was just bang bang bang, in and out, and it was wonderful. So those are on the blog, you can find them there and we’ll post them on Facebook and all that. But check those out, because, you know, it doesn’t take long to make good quality, healthy food, if you know how to do it, if your mind is kind of assembled around it. It’s actually, it takes less than going to a restaurant.

– Yeah. As long as you’ve got a little bit of prep in there, okay, what are the basics that I can keep in my pantry, and also, accepting who you are as a cook. If you’re someone that you’re like, I need one new recipe a week, then that’s all you do. If you’re someone that’s like, you know what, I’ve got my favorites, I’m just gonna make them again and again, then that’s what you do. It’s the “shoulding” all over ourselves when it comes to cooking, you know, I should be making more of this, I should be doing that, that’s what exhausts you. That’s what drains your energy, and doesn’t get that food on the table. So think about, you know, what’s real for me, what feels attainable, how can I stretch just a little bit, but feels like it will actually happen? That’s the most important way to get yourself cooking.

– It’s really interesting, this culture around cooking and cooking shows, is all about these, like, elite chefs that are making these like amazing gourmet meals, or these poor browbeaten chefs that are just getting destroyed in some sort of like chef incubator where it’s all stress and crappy, and so, the entire message around cooking is either like, you’re either cordon bleu and making stuff that’s worthy of eating, or you suck, or, you know, you could crank out a meal for 9500 people tonight or you fail or you’re fired or whatever. And really what matters is, you’ve got a husband and a kid at home, so you’ve gotta just whip up something that’s healthy for three people, and it doesn’t gotta look pretty, and you know all of these things that are kind of coupled up with our idea of cooking, that make it undoable, make it hard for us to even, like, kinda approach, I love the fact that you’re dispelling that and using, you know, the Quick Cook and all the different things that you’re doing to break that mold.

Simplifying Your Diet To Daily Action Items Makes It Easier - @RobynYoukilis via @PedramShojai

– Thank you. Yeah, and, I love sharing with my clients how I eat most of the time. Because most people would assume, you know, I could even include the little day in the life of Robyn, and put that in the comments later, you know most people assume I’m making complicated recipes, you know, every night of the week. Most, you know, every week I make some version of a pasta and sauce. It’s just a pasta that’s made out of red lentils and it’s an organic sauce, and I know, to, you know, throw in a pile of baby kale or serve it with you know, a lot of steamed broccoli for example, I know how to make these little tweaks, and then sometimes I’m cooking for my book, you know? Or I’m cooking the recipes that I made on the Quick Cooks. The Quick Cooks we’re showing a pizza. It’s a basic pizza that uses a brown rice tortilla. And a lot of people wouldn’t think to do that, but what an easy pantry item that most of us have around, that we can just think about elevating. So I’m so excited to get to show people. Because a lot of people still need to see things, you know, they need to watch it, to be like, oh, I can do that. You know, that doesn’t seem that hard.

– Well, and that’s just it. It’s gotta be approachable, and it has to be something that I don’t have to take this huge leap of faith to do. Right, it’s one thing to watch the X Games, and think that I’m gonna be like ninja warrior, it’s another to be able to do, like, five pull-ups. Right, like, most people, it’s just this huge gap in aspiration, and so cooking shouldn’t be that hard, especially since we eat at least three times a day. Like you know, the inaccessibility of that craft is really, you know, I think a challenge for our culture. And, you know, look at you, you’re sitting in your kitchen. Are you still coaching people? Are you still working with people to do what you do?

– I am, I am. So I work with people in several ways, I do a little of, small handful of one-on-one clients, and then I have a couple of groups that I run. So one program is called Your Healthiest You, and that’s a six-week virtual course. So you can do it anywhere, and it includes all the basics around fermentation, energy, you know, all the like, wellness junkie stuff that we’re dying to know about. And then I also include a meal prep cooking class with that course as well. So people, you’re actually in the kitchen with me in real time, making a week’s worth of food over the course of an hour. And I, yeah, I’ve had so many people tell me that that meal prep course, like, changed their lives. Because again, they got to see it. They’re like, it’s one thing for us to talk about this, but to get to see, oh, that’s how she sort of kind of puts everything together, I can do that too. So again, that empowerment.

– Yeah. That’s one, and you know, batch cooking has changed my life, right?

– [Robyn] Hands down.

– You can’t, I mean, cooking every night is really challenging, you know, cooking two nights a week for the week and having different variations and things to, y’know, support your family, is doable. Right?

– Yes. And there’s different kinds of batch cooking. You know, in that meal prep class, for example, I do cover it, you know, over a couple of, what you would do in a couple of hours. But then I have clients that I’ve worked with, or coached, that say batch cook one or two things every other night. And then it still kind of adds up in the same way. So on Monday they make the chicken breast and quinoa, and serve that with a salad, and then Wednesday they make a big soup, and then by Friday, they have chicken cut up that they put in the soup with some of the quinoa, you know what I’m saying? They sort of do it,

– [Pedram] Staggered.

– Yeah, they’re like, yeah, staggered, because that’s what she can manage, because she doesn’t have one to two hours, she has a half hour, and she can do one other thing on the stove at the same time.

– I love it. I love it. And, and because she doesn’t have two hours, it doesn’t mean it’s not a non-starter, it means that you just make your own rules, and I think that’s where a lot of people get tripped up is just, in the thought process of all this, is like, you know, I don’t have time to put on an apron so I’m not doing anything. And that’s just not practical, it’s not realistic. I actually, my show producer just sent me this, so we actually have a link to your cooking thing, it’s called, it’s, so Your Healthiest You, for anyone who’s interested in learning how to do this and kinda just getting out of your own way, and figuring out how to cook. I mean for me it was, I grew up kinda nurtured, like, I was a straight-A student, I didn’t have to do any of that stuff, mom took care of it, and then college happened, and then reality set. And I realized I had zero domestic skills, and my friends, who I’m, like, roommating with, are like, dude you’re useless. And so I had, like, and abrupt curve where I had to learn how to cook, and do laundry, and all sorts of stuff, where I was like, wow, mom, that didn’t really serve me. Right? Like, it’s supposed to be the handoff to, like, a wife who then doesn’t let you do stuff, in an old-world model that, you know, there’s no division of labor and all that crap. And so, you know, that’s not the beach I splashed up on in the west. Right, so you know, we should all be useful. We should all know how to, like, scramble eggs and just make basic stuff in the kitchen. And I love that that’s kinda where you start from, and then you kind of grow out from there. So, when’s your book available? Like, is that a long ways away, are you, I know you had a book that came out last year.

– Yeah, I have a book that came out last year called Go With Your Gut, available, and you guys will probably share the info for that as well, and then the, my next book will likely be, I’m hoping next year, early next year. So, keep an eye out for that. And just to let you know, where I came from, yes, I grew up in a house with a mom that cooked, but what I ate in college, dinner, was Saltines dipped in tomato sauce, and dessert was Saltines dipped in jelly.

Give Yourself The Space To Play And Get It Wrong - @RobynYoukilis via @PedramShojai

– [Pedram] Wow.

– Like, I literally ate that in my dorm room, and I used to eat those, noodle soup, you know, the soup with the, what is it, the noodles in the alphabet or whatever, I’d eat that cold out of the can.

– Got it, so you, you’ve run some miles too.

– So I’ve run some miles, you know?

– Yeah, good for you. Good for you, yeah, and that, that’s really it. Is like, you know, every single one of us can learn how to do this and turn things around with our next meal. Because guess what, you know, predictably you’re gonna be hungry within a few hours, and, you know, that’s the next opportunity to learn something, so. I love it. I love it.

– And almost, we’re all starting, you know, we all kind of think that, well I didn’t get it right in the kitchen, so, you know, I suck at that. Or, I’m a failure. I give you all permission to learn. You know? It takes some time to figure out, what’s the right amount of groceries to buy, what, how can I be efficient in the grocery store, how can I be efficient with the food that I have in my fridge, you know, if a recipe didn’t taste great, how can I adjust it next time, just knowing that you don’t, you don’t necessarily start at like a 10, it takes, you know it takes a month, like, say, you know, maybe, the rest of January, or, y’know February 1st, is your cooking month. And you’re deciding that that’s gonna be the one thing that you’re really focusing on. That you’re giving yourself a space to play and get it wrong, until you get it right.

– That’s it, that’s it. And getting it wrong is, you know, every single step you take towards getting it wrong helps you get it right. But most of us just have such an issue with failure and all that, so it’s like if you have a family that’s judgmental, pull them in with you. Like, it’s your recipe you screwed up on together, like it’s fine, you know? It’s a group thing.

– Be like yeah, this tastes terrible! You’re right guys! You know?

– What could we have done better? Right, but it takes all that judgment and weird sense-of-self stuff out of it, which is, a lot of have this’scuse me, like, you know, especially females, they get this going in, it’s like, I should be good at this. But I’m not.

– The shoulding, shoulding all over ourselves again. That’s what keeps us stuck, that’s what keeps us in our old bodies, that’s what keeps us out of the kitchen, and that’s what keeps us from really living the life that we imagined in our minds and our hearts.

– That’ it, that’s it. And frankly, who cares what people think about you? Just do it until you’re good.

– I know we don’t, we certainly don’t care what people think about us.

– Yeah, I was gonna say, I would have done a lot of things differently, you know, I’m just fighting the good fight, you’re doing the same, you know, I love the fact that you’ve got a little baby at home, we gotta get our kids together, and, next time you’re in Cali we’ll do it. The videos are on, Quick Cook, check ’em out, they’re awesome, we had a good time, she was in my kitchen, zhuzhing around her sauces and whatever she was doing, and yeah, I’ve actually tried both recipes, and it’s been a lot of fun. So, check out the blog, and we’ll put links to, you know, if you want more coaching and more training, to all the stuff that she’s done including her book. I love what you’re doing, I know your kid’s gotta eat right now so I’m gonna step out of the way of momma bear here, and thank you for joining me back on the show. You’re always welcome, it’s always a delight to hang out with you.

– Thank you. I love you Pedram, I love your family, and I love your community. You guys are the best. You show up. Your people show up, they want this. You know? And they do it with a smile and a laugh, and, just all more laughs for everyone. I’m just, love being here, love being with you. You’re the best.

– Love it. Has the best of nights out there in New York, and hope to see you soon.

– [Robyn] Okay, bye!

– Let me know what you think, check out the blog,, they should be, you know, right there on the homepage, and it’s called the Quick Cook, and give me comments. Tell me what else you want to see, and next time she’s in town I’m gonna drag her into the kitchen and maybe we’ll do a video together.

– [Pedram] Awesome, thank you.

Quick Cook with Robyn Youkilis

Click here for the recipe

Click here for the recipe

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